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On a mission to improve the sleep of millions, one night at a time. Helping you get your sleep — and your health — back on track.

What helps boost your mood, memory and immunity while lowering stress, blood pressure and even body weight?

So, how are we sleeping? Not well. In fact, there are an estimated one billion Sleep Apnea sufferers worldwide. At Lunella, we believe that quality of sleep is essential to quality of life and no Sleep Apnea sufferer should go undiagnosed.

That’s why we offer affordable and easy-to-use Sleep Apnea solutions, including the new single-use home Sleep Apnea test to diagnose sleep disorders and get your sleep — and your health — back on track.

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Lunella has partnered with the American Sleep Association and Itamar Medical to enhance its Sleep Apnea diagnostic solutions by increasing access to in-home testing. By working with the American Sleep Association (ASA), a community of patients and experts whose primary mission is to increase public awareness about the importance of sleep, Lunella seeks to bring attention to the debilitating effects of Sleep Apnea.

And Lunella's collaboration with Itamar Medical introduces the FDA-cleared WatchPATTM ONE, the new single-use Sleep Apnea test, allowing people who may be at risk to take a sleep study from the comfort of their own homes. Results are confidential and shared only with a board-certified sleep physician to analyze diagnose and, if necessary, provide a prescription for the required treatment.

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