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Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is dangerously under-diagnosed, affecting nearly 1 billion people globally. Yet, 80% who have it don't know it. Are you at risk?

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Sleep Apnea symptoms: are you at risk?

If you’re like most people with Sleep Apnea, you don’t know you have it. But here’s what you might notice: how tired you feel during the day despite the coffee and reasonable bedtime. Or that your spouse has taken to wearing earplugs at night or sleeping in the guest room. Perhaps, at your last physical, your doctor lectured you about your weight or your high blood pressure or both. And, if you also happen to be male and over 50, your risk of Sleep Apnea is elevated.
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Signs that you or your loved one are at risk for Sleep Apnea:

Loud Snoring
Loud snoring
Gasping for air while sleeping
Dry Mouth
Awakening with a dry mouth
Staying Asleep
Difficulty staying asleep
Morning headache
Excessive daytime sleepiness
Paying Attention
Difficulty paying attention while awake
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You may not know you have Sleep Apnea. But your body does.
Everyone snores sometimes, but Sleep Apnea is a chronic condition where you literally stop breathing multiple times a night, often multiple times an hour. (No wonder you’re so tired!) When your brain senses this drop in oxygen, stress hormones flood your body screaming, “Wake up!” You startle awake, gasping for air. You may not even remember it in the morning, but your body feels the effects and your health suffers.
The biggest hurdle to treating Sleep Apnea?

Diagnosing it.

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